Medical Assistant – Everything You Need To Know

An Overview of Medical Assistant Program

Advancement in technology and medical field has led to opening of many health care centres in the different parts of the world. Medical supports or assistances are on top of the town as there are in heavy demand; there are many opportunities in this program and even many of them has opted this medical training program as a career.

Medical assistance program includes many different types of courses like clinical course or general administrative courses. Clinical course includes various fields like understanding the medical history of a patient, collecting samples for performing clinical test and dressing, sterilize various equipments, understanding the patient and guiding them according to their nature, disease and lots more. On the other hand, administrative courses includes all about office management like fixing an appointment, managing all types of forums, maintaining all the billing records, clinical files and documents. Most of the educational institutes provide full time course for about one or two years. The time frame is totally dependent on the candidate’s chosen program.

Certified Medical AssistantAt the time of admission, it is vital to check all the training programs that are offered by the school because courses do often vary from one school to another. Some of the medical assistant institutes provide computer applications related to medicine, medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, EKG diagnostic tests, coding procedures and pulse rate, etc. Even they give you a privilege to learn more about medical programs at well known hospitals and health care centres.

Medical assistance provides a lot of facilities to medical professionals (health care agents, nurses, and doctors. Their responsibilities depend on the work and exactly who they are aiding. They can practice anywhere. It can be a medical clinic, hospital and even at any specialist medical treatment centres. For this reason, it is very important for medical assistance that they should consist of different skills and should be flexible to do any type of responsibility.

General skills required for medical assistance

A medical assistance is an important part of any clinical team. They help doctors and nurses in a better way. There are many benefits of this course:

•    The time can be varied according to your need and moreover, this course of very short duration.
•    The demand of this course is very high as compared to the others.
•    The professional will get the skills prior to any particular area of medicine such as pediatrics, orthopedics to the job.

All of us are aware about the benefits of medical assistance. But, if you are thinking about the career in the field of medical assistance then there are some qualifications which are required. There are some points that every medical assistant should posses in themselves like strong communication skills, stress control, self control, dependency, understanding, politeness, quickness.

Even an assistant should be aware of the most important things/updates. The need and details of these points are as below:

Strong Communication Skills:

If you are working as a medical assistant then it is very important for you to listen to another without any type of argument and this will help you to fetch precise and useful information. Good communication skills makes very easy to convey and retrieve important information from patients.

Sympathetic: In the medical field, it is also very important to have a quality to understand someone feelings and emotions. There might be moments that your patients are in grief or happy. Sympathy helps others to heal fast and even it helps patients to gather courage at the time of appointments.

Stress control: Busy schedule of any person may lead to stress and the requisite individual can suffer frequent headache. These types of patients come at your door for care and a medical assistant should provide that aid by which his/her stress gets treated. Moreover, as an assistant you are always involved with paper work. Even, there are situations where you get overburdened. A Strong medical assistant should handle everyday stress with a strong and cool mind for effectively handling each and every task.

Dependability: Now, it’s time to serve your duties. All your team members, doctors and your patients are depended on you. It is very important to know your job and work according to accepted protocol.

Self-Control: It is very easy to react in any situation. There are situations where a frustrated patient who is suffering from an intolerable pain may scream at you or there are patients who are full of questions or queries. What to do in this case? As a medical assistant, it is must to have a self control which will help you to deal with every individual. If you don’t possess a cool head and don’t have a quality of self control then it is impossible for you to provide the best services to your patient.

Honesty: In the area of health care being honest is very important because if you are not honest with your work then you cannot able to serve more and best to your patient. Honesty is the principal of being a good medical assistance.

Attention to Detail: With the help of your updated information and complete details you can serve better to your patients and even can help the respective doctor who is caring for the patient. Moreover, you can help your colleagues so that they can provide better services in effective manner.

Quickness: Quickness helps you to take quick decisions in any type of situation. In the field of medical, alertness and quickness plays a major role in providing the best treatment to your patient and to give proper attention to your seniors.

Nature of the work

The main function of the medical assistant is performing the routine clinical task and administrative task which includes everything from running clinic, hospital and office of optometrists smoothly to maintaining of records. A medical assistant should provide 100% assistance to the physician, doctor and colleague. They should treat patients in a well manner so that they can get better treatment. He/she is liable to develop a good working environment in the hospital.

When we talk about the duties of medical assistant, then the duties vary from office to office which totally depends on size of the organisation, working conditions, office location, and the nature of team. In general, in the small practices, the work of medical assistance is generalised i.e. he/she is responsible for handling both clinical as well as administrative duties. Medical assistant maintains the report of every patient and reports that directly to an office management and doctor. In large organisation, management of department administrator divides the duties according to region.

In the field of medical assistance, a person is liable to perform many type of administrative services like they answer telephone calls, update all the medical records of the particular patient, handling insurance of the patient, schedule the appointment with doctor, make an arrangement for hospital admission, laboratory services and accounting work like handling of bills and book keeping.

Clinical duties differ from state to state. The clinical duties include explaining and scheduling the examination of patient, supporting your senior doctor or your colleague during the examination of patient. Medical assistant can also collect and prepare the test samples for the purpose of performing basic lab test, dispose of used medical material, sterilize medical instruments. They can also prepare diet chart for patient, prepare the medication plan as directed by the physician, prepare patient for x-ray, draw blood, etc.

Medical Assistant Education and Certificate in USA

Being a medical assistantAAMA is the certifying board of the American Association of Medical Assistance. A person who wishes to enter in this type of profession and make a bright career then the person should get himself certified by the board as it is the best place for taking your career to the other mark. The main benefit of this certification from the authorised association is that the person will get great job opportunity from various big organisations resulting in increased prestige amongst their colleagues. According to the data of AAMA on an average, more than 110 requests are received per day for the verification of appointment who is claiming to be certified as CMAs.

The basic eligibility criteria for medical assistance are that the individual should have completed the graduation. The main benefit is that you can also apply after the immediate completion of your graduation or within the 12 months. If a person qualifies the exam in more than 12 months, then also he/she is eligible for this course. The person who has applied and qualified earlier can again consider for the fresh certification. Once the person is eligible for this course then the next step is registration.

Nowadays, a number of institutions are providing the facility for the certification in the field of medical assistance. But, it is very important for you that before making enrolment or registration, you should ensure that the particular institute provides all the facility or education according to your wish. For the more details about the institution, you can also visit the website of the institute or can also approach to the program director. Be sure, about the tuition fees, course duration and topics covered in the certification and the most important thing is practical knowledge or experience with the institute.

Medical Assistant Salaries

If you are looking for the best carrier opportunity in the medical field then medical assistance is the best shot for you. This is because the demand of medical assistance in all over the world is very high. When we compare the organisation pay scale data to other medical services it is also higher than others. The one of the main reason is that medical assistance is having all type of knowledge in the field of medical. They can perform the entire office task; they are like an all rounder in their field. MAs are the key member of the health care team. They play various important roles including administrative, clerical, and medical. In fact, this is very challenging role. AM gets high return as their salary and this salary is 3 to 4 times greater than that of any other type of medical services or medical worker.

Like any other type of industries, working experience also plays an important role in this field also. Medical assistance salary also depends on their working experience; if you are a fresher in this field then your package will be according to that and if you are having a year or 2 year experience in medical field then medical assistance salary will be hiked 2 to 3 times. Medical assistance salary also depends on their field of work; if you are having an experience of both administrative as well as medical then your salary will be according to your work and if you are only working with one field then your salary will be according to your work and organisation’s work.

Future scope and Job Opportunities after Medical Assistant Certification

A Medical assistance plays an important role in the medical field. Their job involves all type of services related to hospital list including record maintaining, phone calls, accounting, medical history etc. This helps physician to make the right decisions for a particular disease according to your record. This medical assistance changes the services or treatment to make the right choice of the treatment as well as medicine. MA also describes the treatment procedure for all types of diseases.

If we are talking about the future scope in this field then Medical Assistance Certification has opened new doors for those people who really love to serve their services for the humanity and want to make their career in the field of medical. There are many job opportunities for the person who passed the certification as many health care centres prefer to hire them.